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Travel Day!

The day has finally arrived!

With a full schedule and donations in tow, iam off on my 4th trip back to Nepal. During my time in Kathmandu I plan to visit The Umbrella Foundation and The Kinder House, both fantastic, self sustainable Children’s Home’s that are truly making a difference. In Pokhara, a 6 hour drive west of Kathmandu, I plan to meet with the Director of our newly established organization Hope Nepal and meet the local board members. While our end goal is to establish a social services organization that would support, street children, those who have displaced from their families, or trafficked children, during the meantime we wish to to help orphanages or children’s homes in need of refurbishment or are in need of funding for specific projects.

Thank you to all that have shown support to Nana’s House whether it’s been a donation, visiting our website (, or sharing our page with friends. Without you, none of this would have been possible and the growth of this organization is something I could have never imagined.

Joshua Bingham
Nana’s House Director



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9 days till Nepal!

Officially 9 days away from another incredible trip back to Nepal!

Back in Pokhara, I will meet with our partner local organization Hope Nepal in which I will meet and develop a rapport with their board members and discuss the time line of our projects, and of course deliver the incredible amount of donations including multi vitamins, school books and clothes that we have received from all of you

Currently we have some fantastic things to share with you regarding Nana’s House and hope that you check them out!

Make sure you check out the wonderfully conducted interview from Dana Bell of Time Travel Plans in which I discuss issues such as voluntourism, the positives and negatives to being an international volunteer and of course my future plans regarding Nana’s House


Also, if you not yet checked out Junko Russell’s fantastic photography from all around the world including Mexico and Hawaii, be sure you do. The proceeds made from her ETSY go to supporting Nana’s House!




I can’t thank you all enough for following along and your continued support of Nana’s House. This Non Profit is my love letter to the country that has inspired me ten fold to give back to those in need and less fortunate.

There is also no way I cant forget to thank two fantastic board members President, Judy Schumann and Vice President, Marsali Vanderhoeden who have been with me since the beginning of this adventure and who continue to inspire me and move this organization in the right direction. Thank you again

Joshua Bingham
Nana’s House Director

Nana's House

Wonderful Interview with Dana Bell!

It is my pleasure to share with you the interview conducted by Dana Bell of about the ongoing projects of Nana’s House in Nepal. The result is a fantastically presented interview that contains some of the most thought provoking questions I have been asked since starting this Non Profit.

Thanks again for the interview Dana!

Be sure to check out the interview below!
(Click the picture for the interview!)







Thank you Junko!

I ‘am overwhelmed by the generosity from Junko Togo Russell and her donation to Nana’s House. She was able to raise the money from the sale of her absolutely beautiful photography, selling it at local galleries, craft fair’s and Etsy.

What a fantastic donation Junko, and am very grateful for your contribution!

Be sure to check out her Etsy and take a look at her fantastic photography!
A portion of the proceeds made from her Etsy page will continue to go to Nana’s House!

 Check her out HERE

If you would like to make a donation of your own to Nana’s House and help to aid at-risk children in Nepal CLICK HERE




Board Meeting

Nana’s House Update!


Judy and I just got off an almost 2 hour Skype conversation where we went over our 501-C3 applications and crunched some numbers. We are very close to sending that out and after approval, will allow us to take tax deductible donations. We found out that in the 6 months we have been up and running, Nana’s House has raised over $6,500 in gross income. That’s over $1,000 a month in donations which is AMAZING!

I am also getting very excited as my 4th trip back to Nepal is quickly approaching. I will find myself back in Pokhara,Nepal on August 30th where I will meet with our partner organization,Hope Nepal and discuss our future endeavors of starting a Children’s Home and services for under privileged and at-risk children, I will research building costs, and meet with the board members of Hope Nepal and furthering that relationship. Last but not least, visiting the 8 wonderful children of the Nestling Home and dropping off several donations including vitamins and clothing.

We continue to push forward!

Joshua Bingham
Director of Nana’s House

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