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Dental Camp

Namaste from Nepal!

Reminiscing about yesterday, still cannot believe how amazing and truly special the dental clinic turned out to be. My biggest worry was the parents not showing up. I was worried that they may pass off dental care as hogwash, not giving it the due attention it deserves. Boy was I wrong. 72 children and 44 parents showed up to receive education on how to best take care of their teeth, they all received a check up and any fillings or teeth pulled as needed, they all were given a toothbrush and paste. That not being enough, they were all given a 30% off coupon from the dental clinic, should they need any future dental work done.

Many of the people that were seen at the camp and that had more severe problems were asked why they hadn’t got checked out sooner. Many of them responded that the $20 round trip taxi ride into the city to receive treatment was simply too much for them. Most were worried that because of their low caste, that they would be denied treatment as they “probably didn’t have the money in the first place to be receiving this treatment,” as one woman said.

As reported yesterday, 21 of the 72 children had cases so severe that they need special attention. Most were found to be needing root canals, or teeth so jagged or collapsed behind another that a special precaution would be needed when pulling the tooth. When I asked the dentist what it would cost to fix these problems per child, he gave me a figure of $30 or (2,800 rupees). $30 for the fix, $20 for the transportation.

Many of you might not know but this will my last trip to Nepal for a year, there are family things back home that need my attention. Before my flight on October 25th, I would like to do as much as possible in regards to these projects before I leave.

For $50 we can get these children to a dentist, fix the problem, and back home. Nana’s House in conjunction with our fantastic local Nepali organization, Hope Nepal Association for Social Welfare – HNASW is looking to raise the $1,050 cost to help these children. If we are lucky enough, any funds raised over that will go to funding a Free Health Camp in a rural village outside of Pokhara,Nepal.



Dental Camp

Successful Project!

The dental clinic was a massive success. The joint effort, free dental clinic put on by Hope Nepal in conjunction with Nana’s House was more than I ever could have imagined. Even in 100+ degree heat, the parents and children of Shree Chandra Jyoti turned out to receive dental care and education, all 116 of them.

The children learned how to properly brush their teeth, some admitting that they had never done so, not knowing the seriousness of poor dental care. The parents learned not only how to take care of their own teeth, but to also set an example for their children. Leknath is a very rural area, located an hour from a metropolitan city. The condition of most of the teeth that were seen by the 4 on site dentists was alarming. 70% of those seen needed at least one filling, 80% needed a tooth pulled or will need one done in the near future. When asked, lack of money, lack of knowledge, and no transportation into the city were the main reasons why those problems were not taken care of earlier. 21 children will need further dental care and Nana’s House is working towards a way to get them the help them need (most need root canals).

At the end of the check up, not only did every child go home with a toothbrush and toothpaste but also every parent and child received a coupon giving them 30% off any future dental work should they need it.

All in all, a very successful day.

Update: We are now fundraising for the 21 children who’s dental needs were greater than what we could provide at the Dental Camp. Most are in need of root canals or teeth pulled. Most of these problems stem from hereditary issues, lack of brushing, and dirty water. The clinic that we originally chose for our camp, has agreed to give a generous 30% discount to these children. Including the dental costs and transportation to and from the city, we are looking at $800 to complete this. We have now begun fundraising for this, any and every dollar donated will go to helping these 21 children of Leknath Municipality. Find the link below to donate, and be sure to share this with friends and family!


Board Meeting

Successful Fundraiser!

Congratulations to our President Judy Schumann on her very successful fundraiser for Nana’s House in which she sold her delicious homemade jam at her local farmers market in Stoughton, WI.

Judy raised over $160, allowing for bigger possibilities when it comes to Nana’s House projects and supporting underprivileged children in Nepal.

By sure to be on the lookout for all our pictures and information after the conclusion of our free dental camp which we will be hosting in Leknath, Nepal on September 18th. All made possible by your donations.

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Proud Moment

Very excited to share with you the official flyer for our dental clinic which we will be holding on September 18th in Leknath, Nepal.  A completely free clinic which will be serving low income families and their children. We expect over 100 kids and their parents to attend, in which they will receive a check up, any fillings they may need, education on how best to keep up their dental hygiene, and toothbrushes and toothpaste.

All your donations and support have allowed to put on something like this and we at Nana’s House would like to give all of you a big thank you.





Dental Camp

Projects in Nepal

I would like to share with you all a fantastic article written by our President and Vice President of Nana’s House outlining the currents problems facing children in regards to dental hygiene and our dental camp being held on September 18th in Leknath, Nepal in conjunction with our partner organization, Hope Nepal.

Judy Schumann and Marsaili Vanderhoeden

Judy SchumannMarsali

As president and vice-president of Nana’s House Board of Directors, we would like to thank all of our followers and supporters and update you on our first big project to impact the quality of life for children in Nepal. We are so excited that Nana’s House, through your generosity, is able to provide financial support to our partner, Hope Nepal Association for Social Welfare, for a dental clinic in Leknath, Nepal.

On September 18, our director, Josh Bingham, along with two dentists, dental assistants, three oral health educator/counselors, three members of the Hope Nepal team and volunteers will make the forty-five minute drive from Pokhara up steep mountain roads and then trek another fifteen minutes up the hillside with supplies and equipment. They will be providing check–ups and cleanings, toothbrushes and toothpaste, education and educational materials and counseling. Anyone needing fillings or extractions will also have those services provided to them. We will schedule and subsidize transportation and follow up procedures for individuals needing more extensive work in Pokhara. Future plans include providing eight month checkups in the village to ensure ongoing dental health.

Why hold a dental clinic? Rural villages in central Nepal, at the base of the Annapurna range of the Himalayas, are populated by subsistence farmers. Most live in mud houses. They often trek an hour or more to tend their fields of wheat and rice. Few are fortunate enough to have a buffalo to provide the milk which would bring needed calcium into their diets for bone and tooth health. Electrical service is sporadic and plumbing is non-existent. Intermittently staffed government health outposts can treat very basic illnesses but do not provide any oral health care. Laura Spero, a U.S. dentist who has run a non-profit to address these issues in Nepal for ten years, found only a pair of rusty pliers as dental equipment in one of these villages.

Leknath is one such village. While visiting there Josh was able to talk with the orphaned, abandoned and needy village children through an interpreter. Many told him their teeth hurt. Imagine as a child suffering from severe tooth pain and your only option is to wait until it falls out or can be pulled out (if you are ‘lucky’ enough to have that service provided). How difficult for parents to watch this and then worry about the risk of infection and even death due to sepsis because you know proper health care would not be available to treat it.

An article from The Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting by Jennifer Miller, dated September 5, 2013 stated the following:

“Nepal is currently facing an oral health care crisis. Fifty-eight percent of children and sixty-nine percent of adults in the country suffer from bacterial tooth decay. This can lead to infections, gum disease and chronic pain as well as heart disease and diabetes……..Thousands of Nepalis in rural villages have no access to basic care such as (check-ups) fillings or even (toothbrushes and) toothpaste. Meanwhile intense superstition surrounds dental care, including the belief that tooth extraction can cause blindness (and deafness). In Kathmandu, people nail coins to a tooth god shrine to heal their mouth pain. “

Additionally, new mothers are routinely told not to brush their teeth for two months after giving birth. There is stigma associated with the use of fluoride as well as an economical issue. A tube of non-fluoride toothpaste costs $0.26-0.52 (US) and fluoride toothpaste costs $0.92 (US). This is a significant monetary diffrence in the average Nepali household. Research shows that Nepali men are more skeptical and resistant to the use of fluoride than women.

Education and counseling are an integral part of changing these cultural attitudes and superstitions.
By making a real effort to educate Nepali women; the children, and especially young boys, receive the encouragement they need to continue to practice good oral hygiene as adults. In 2006 fifteen women in a rural village were educated and trained in proper dental care. A follow up study two years later showed that this information had been passed on to 2,200 women and over 4,000 children in the region. As an investment in the future, our dental clinic on September 18 will service, educate and counsel not only 100+ children but parents as well.

Your past support is greatly appreciated. Funding is still needed to carry out this project and future plans for more rural dental clinics as well as health clinics and follow up care. Please share our contacts with friends and family!

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Free Dental Camp!

10458859_10154744228830727_890233568915547801_n10665760_10154744230585727_3616091776744232198_nJust a sample of the 100+ children of the Shree Chandra Jyoti Primary School that will be attending the free dental camp supported by Nana’s House. Not only will the receive a cleaning, and minor fixes including fillings, but will also receive education on how best to care for ones teeth and the connection between good dental hygiene and effect on the rest of the body. Most children and their families come from very poor and rural homesteads and for some, will be the first time learning about dental hygiene.

On September 18th, myself and our partner organization Hope Nepal, along with 2 premiere dentists from Pokhara their assistants will make the hike up to Leknath Municipality and put on this dental camp.

Thanks to everyone that has supported and donated to Nana’s House, it is because of you we are able to put this on, and because of you we will be able to do more things like this is in the future.


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Joshua Bingham
Nana’s House Director


Full Steam Ahead!

Things are certainly picking up here in Pokhara,Nepal! Today, the home stay where I am currently living finished its construction today and per Nepali tradition they had a puja celebration meant to “bless” the house. In talks with the Nana’s House board (in U.S) and talks with the Hope Nepal board (Nepal), it looks like we are a go for a dental camp for a tentative date of September 18th. It will be held in Leknath Deurali, 15th district at a local government school that currently has over 100 children enrolled. In several meetings with Hope Nepal, they feel that this is the best area as it is very rural and that many children suffer from poor dental hygiene because lack of care. Few are aware of the long term effects of poor dental health, and direct correlation to heart health. It will be a 2 day health clinic with the first day being check ups where children may receive fillings, or if more work is needed, the child will be take into Pokhara proper and more work will be done. The second day will consist of learning how to properly care for teeth, importance of brushing every single day, and the effect that sweets and candy can have on the teeth. Of course a one time camp will not be able to completely change their habit, so we hope to make a visit to Leknath every 8 months or so for a check up.
Your donations are what have made this all possible and we would love to continue with there projects in Nepal.

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