A Big Thank You!



Can I just take a moment to mention how lucky I am? I simply could not have it any better than this. With all the support and help from friends, family, people whom I’ve never met, and people I haven’t seen for years, its amazing to take a step back and look at how I good I have it. I created Nana’s House on a wish that a kid from a small island in Washington could make an attempt at healing a Country thousands of miles away that’s been ravaged by Civil War, poverty, and extreme corruption. This idea started about a year ago, but came to fruition two months ago in the form of a website and Facebook page with both approaching 700 subscribers and views. Since then, I have found two wonderful board members, Nana’s House has been featured in a newspaper, a fantastic podcast, and has had several offers to be featured in future written and online publications. Since then, we have had people come forward and offer to sell their artwork for a fundraiser, several offers to hold yards sales, and a bake sale at our local grocery store. Even though I wont let her,my grandmother has even offered to sell every one of her belongings to help support us. We have had several very generous donations, not to mention the numerous words of encouragement that have kept me going when this all felt so out of reach. You never know that you will need the help of other people until you find yourself flat on your face, and they are there to lend a hand. Whether its people I have met through traveling, through growing up together, or through word of mouth, everything I have done in my life feels like it has led up to this moment. The fact that i have met and built up such an eclectic group of friends, is truly amazing to think about.

Thank you so much everyone.
There are so many other people to thank, and I simply cant fit them all here, but know that any and every thing you do to help move Nana’s House forward, does not go unnoticed.

March Trip To Nepal

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Very excited to announce Judy and I’s trip back to Nepal on March 15th to meet with a local NGO and discuss a possible partnership, to take a look at some land on which to build or suitable buildings to rent, get up to date prices on neededĀ materials, explore and build relationships with community partners, and of course visit the wonderful children of The Nestling Home who inspire us to give back to other Nepali children.

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