A Wonderful Package!

Just begun packing all of the items Judy, with the help of friends, gathered up and has donated to Nana’s House!
So much fantastic gently used jackets and shoes, hundreds of toothbrushes, and over 30 pairs of shoes make up the amazing donations.

Way to go Judy and friends! All items will be taken with me when I depart back to Pokhara,Nepal on March 14th and donations will be distributed to families and children in need.


The Jumla Children

We would like to share with you some more information about our Jumla project and our efforts to get as many 50 children in the area, who are currently not enrolled because of poverty.

-$100 USD for books, tuition and uniform for one child in Jumla to attend school for the year. (New school year starts March 20th)

-Based on a recent survey done of the area:
847 houses surveyed, 53 children(41 boys and 12 girls) were not enrolled in school (most had never attended school or had been out for years)

-10 schools in the area

-70% of the households were of the “Dalit” castes meaning they are seen as “Untouchables”

1st Picture:
Birkha and Manisha, both 6yrs, are unable to attend school from the salary their father makes on selling vegetables

2nd Picture:
Manbir, 14 yrs old, left school when he was in 4th grade due to lack of funds. Has been helping his father in the fields ever since and dreams of going back to school

3rd Picture:
Krishna, 12 yrs old, left school in grade 3, his father passed away 2 years ago and there wasn’t enough money to send him to school

Realistically, we wont be able to raise enough funds for all 53 children, but it is my hope to fund raise for the most severe cases and be able to return on an annual basis until all are able to attend school.

Getting kids back into school is a very difficult process as usually the family and the father has grown accustom to the child being home and working for the family. It is my hope that with the child’s tuition fee paid for, the family would be willing to let the child attend school.

To donate, CLICK HERE

100% of donations made go directly to fund Nana’s House and our efforts

Donate to Nana’s House!

We have received a lot of inquiries over the last few days on how people can donate towards our March trip, we have set up a link below in which you can click and via Paypal, make a donation. If mailing a check would be better for you, please make check payable to:

Nana’s House
12210 Sw 253rd St
Vashon,WA 98070

Every donation will receive a thank you letter and a receipt for your records.

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Fundraising Update!

Congratulations to our President Judy Schumann on raising over $800 in donations for Nana’s House over the last couple of month’s!  Her hard work and perseverance are just a couple of the reasons why Judy is so important to this team.

This tour de force fund raising on Judy’s part comes just at the perfect time as I am 3 months away from next visit to Nepal to continue work with our partner organization, Hope Nepal, and continue doing social services projects for underprivileged people of Nepal and the Kaski district.

Way to go Judy!


Free Dental Camp!

10458859_10154744228830727_890233568915547801_n10665760_10154744230585727_3616091776744232198_nJust a sample of the 100+ children of the Shree Chandra Jyoti Primary School that will be attending the free dental camp supported by Nana’s House. Not only will the receive a cleaning, and minor fixes including fillings, but will also receive education on how best to care for ones teeth and the connection between good dental hygiene and effect on the rest of the body. Most children and their families come from very poor and rural homesteads and for some, will be the first time learning about dental hygiene.

On September 18th, myself and our partner organization Hope Nepal, along with 2 premiere dentists from Pokhara their assistants will make the hike up to Leknath Municipality and put on this dental camp.

Thanks to everyone that has supported and donated to Nana’s House, it is because of you we are able to put this on, and because of you we will be able to do more things like this is in the future.


To Donate, please click HERE

Joshua Bingham
Nana’s House Director

Full Steam Ahead!

Things are certainly picking up here in Pokhara,Nepal! Today, the home stay where I am currently living finished its construction today and per Nepali tradition they had a puja celebration meant to “bless” the house. In talks with the Nana’s House board (in U.S) and talks with the Hope Nepal board (Nepal), it looks like we are a go for a dental camp for a tentative date of September 18th. It will be held in Leknath Deurali, 15th district at a local government school that currently has over 100 children enrolled. In several meetings with Hope Nepal, they feel that this is the best area as it is very rural and that many children suffer from poor dental hygiene because lack of care. Few are aware of the long term effects of poor dental health, and direct correlation to heart health. It will be a 2 day health clinic with the first day being check ups where children may receive fillings, or if more work is needed, the child will be take into Pokhara proper and more work will be done. The second day will consist of learning how to properly care for teeth, importance of brushing every single day, and the effect that sweets and candy can have on the teeth. Of course a one time camp will not be able to completely change their habit, so we hope to make a visit to Leknath every 8 months or so for a check up.
Your donations are what have made this all possible and we would love to continue with there projects in Nepal.

To donate, please click HERE


9 days till Nepal!

Officially 9 days away from another incredible trip back to Nepal!

Back in Pokhara, I will meet with our partner local organization Hope Nepal in which I will meet and develop a rapport with their board members and discuss the time line of our projects, and of course deliver the incredible amount of donations including multi vitamins, school books and clothes that we have received from all of you

Currently we have some fantastic things to share with you regarding Nana’s House and hope that you check them out!

Make sure you check out the wonderfully conducted interview from Dana Bell of Time Travel Plans in which I discuss issues such as voluntourism, the positives and negatives to being an international volunteer and of course my future plans regarding Nana’s House


Also, if you not yet checked out Junko Russell’s fantastic photography from all around the world including Mexico and Hawaii, be sure you do. The proceeds made from her ETSY go to supporting Nana’s House!




I can’t thank you all enough for following along and your continued support of Nana’s House. This Non Profit is my love letter to the country that has inspired me ten fold to give back to those in need and less fortunate.

There is also no way I cant forget to thank two fantastic board members President, Judy Schumann and Vice President, Marsali Vanderhoeden who have been with me since the beginning of this adventure and who continue to inspire me and move this organization in the right direction. Thank you again

Joshua Bingham
Nana’s House Director