So what’s the good(amazing, fantastic, superb) news????

My Nepal based Non-Profit Nana’s House has achieved 501-c3 status! This is one of the greatest things that has happened to me and this organization. Many people to thank including board members Judy Schumann and Sue Bingham for the incredibly hard work they put in to make this a realization. Huge thanks to Debra Heesch who managed to raise the money needed for the filing fee.

What does this mean for the organization?
1. This means from here on out, any donation made to Nana’s House is TAX DEDUCTIBLE
2. We are now able to apply for a plethora of grants that would fund our social service projects in rural Nepal.

Beyond excited as to what this means for this organization and thoroughly excited for our future projects.

Huge thanks to our amazing supporters and everyone who made this possible!

If you would like to make a tax deductible to Nana’s House,


Nana’s House Director,
Joshua Bingham




Successful Fundraiser!

Congratulations to Nana’s House President Judy Schumann on her successful fundraiser supporting Nana’s House at her local craft fair in Wisconsin. Managing to raise over $500, she sold purses and pashmina scarves/shawls from Nepal, spiced walnuts and pecans, small edible cornucopias, gingerbread houses to order,homemade jams and jellies and holiday cards made from the artwork done by the children of The Nestling Home in Pokhara,Nepal.

Way to go Judy!


Nepal School Project

Some of the faces of the 85 children who attend Shree Chandra Jyoti Primary School in Leknath,Nepal. Due to the April 25th earthquake, their water reserve tank at the school was damages meaning that for 6 months they have not had proper running water at the school. When the principal and teachers were asked where the children relieve themselves, they pointed to the nearby forest.
Nana’s House is currently working on a project that would build a brand new water reserve tank that would be able to withstand any future natural disasters.

If you would like to donate to Nana’s House and support our efforts:

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2015: A Look Back

As this will be my last trip to Nepal for the year and for quite a while as we wait for 501 C3(hopefully goes out next month) and start to apply for grants, I thought it would only be fitting to reminisce and share with the achievements that Nana’s House in conjunction with Hope Nepal Association for Social Welfare – HNASW have been able to accomplish through YOUR support.

In 2015 we:

Built all new bunk beds for the 8 children of the Nestling Home

Constructed a toilet for Indra and her 5 daughters (They were previously having to use the forest to relieve themselves)

Made 3 relief trips up to villages in Gorkha after the horrendous April 25th earthquake, delivering medicine,food and household items for at risk families.

Sponsored 27 children from the Jumla area and 23 children from the Leknath area for the upcoming school year, providing them with school uniforms and all necessary materials.

Provided families in Leknath with over 100 pounds of clothing,shoes toothbrushes, huge bags of rice,lentils,soap and oil

Quite amazing to look back on all that we have accomplished during this year. Wouldn’t have happened if not for your support.
If you would like to support Nana’s House and allow more projects like this happen during my next 2 months in Nepal, please CLICK HERE

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Families Supported in Leknath,Nepal

Today, Nana’s House revisited Leknath municipality and followed up with several families that we have supported in the past.
Mandip and Rekha, whose grandmother just passed, and are currently living alone with a neighboring aunt to support them.
Indra and her daughter Bipana. Indra, because of a medical condition, is unable to work and with the passing of her husband several years ago, finds it very difficult to take care of her 4 daughters.
Suresh and his mother Shrijana, who are still picking up the pieces years later after separating from an abusive husband and father
Shiva, a woman with no family to speak of,lives in a cow shack by herself on the outskirts of town.
Today,thanks to all of your wonderful support, Nana’s House was able to provide a month’s worth of basic necessities including 55 pounds of rice,soap,masala,cooking oil and lentils

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Go-Fund Me

Nana’s House has officially started a Go-Fund Me fundraiser to help raise the final $7,000 needed to help rebuild Shree Mahendra Primary School.

Beginning Sept 14th, I will land in Nepal for the 5th time to carry out Nana’s House projects. I will be overseeing the complete project, including allocation of funds and help with construction. You will be frequently updated with how your funds are being used and get to watch as this project and the school, come to life.

Thank you everyone for your support,


August Update!

Has been quite a while since our last post, due to some personal obligations, I haven’t been able to get to a computer but I would love to update everyone on the progress of Nana’s House and what we have been up to!
1. We have almost reached our goal of $800 for our 501-c3 application, and we plan to file the official paperwork before the end of 2015. Thanks to everyone for their support!
2. We have set a tentative date of early September to make our 6th trip back to Nepal and continue with our earthquake relief efforts. Our partner organization, Hope Nepal, has sent us several proposals for possible projects (click here to take a look at some possible projects) We have a goal set of $5,000 and we are currently over 50% towards our goal!

If you would like to Donate to Nana’s House, CLICK HERE



If you haven’t been following along. Nana’s House was able to allocate some funds to help Indra and her family with the construction of a brand new toilet for her and her 5 children. Below is their story and pictures:

Presenting Indra and her family’s brand new bathroom.

Several years ago, Indra’s husband passed away. Financially unable to remain in their house, Indra and her children were forced to vacate. Thanks to the wonderful generosity of people in Leknath VDC, they were given some land and a house to live in. The only drawback was that there was no bathroom, so for the last couple of years they were having to use the forest as a bathroom.

That all changed today when the construction of their new toilet finished today. Thank you to all the donors that made this possible for Indra and her family.

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We are so fortunate here at Nana’s House to have the support that we do, and none of this would be possible if not for the wonderfully generous people who keep up going. Thank you so much!