Thanks to the Harbor School

Thanks to a a very generous donation from The Harbor School to Nana’s House Non Profit, we were able to purchase 6 months worth of children’s multivitamins for the 10 children and 1 house mother of the Pokhara Nestling Home in Pokhara,Nepal. They will be delivered during my next visit to Nepal in August.

Thanks again Harbor School!


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Monthly Board Meeting

         Nana’s House just concluded a terrific board meeting tonight, this was officially our 2nd time meeting since we have formed. Tonight we designated each others positions within the board, talked about my trip back to Nepal on August 27th for 2 months including the itinerary and goals,and discussed the current status of our 501-C3 application.

Very lucky to be surrounded by a great group of people that believe in Nana’s House and what we are trying to do. I am quite fortunate to have them in my corner. There are many exciting things coming up including a couple of public speaking engagements and a fundraiser.

This will be a several year process but the wheels keep turning and great things are happening!Judy and I









Young Alumni Award

What a special night this was! I want to give a huge thank you to my middle school Alma mater, The Harbor School, for presenting me with The Young Alumni award and their very generous donation to Nana’s House. I am very lucky to have spent 3 special years here. Many of the paths I have chosen and goals for the future are founded on principles, lessons learned, and immense personal growth all acquired while attending this terrific school.

I am honored to receive this award and thank you again to The Harbor School for your donation.

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Wow, big thanks to our friend Julianna for creating these BEAUTIFUL note cards. She used pictures drawn by the children of the Nestling Home in Pokhara, Nepal. They also come with a blurb on the back about the child that drew the picture.

We will begin selling these soon and 100% of the proceeds will go to Nana’s House

Thanks again Julianna!

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Note Cards

Judy’s Fundraiser!

Would like to celebrate Judy Smith,one of our board members, and her fundraising efforts during the Syttende Mai parade in Stoughton,WI

Over the weekend,Judy was able to raise over $700 for Nana’s House which puts us at almost $5,000 raised! We are already 1/5 towards our goal to purchase the land in Bhalam,Pokhara!

Way to go Judy!

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It is my honor to introduce Nana, the woman who was the inspiration behind the name “Nana’s House.” My grandma is one of the most special people in my life and consider her house to be home away from home.
Every Sunday since I can remember I have been going over to her house to have a home cooked meal in the late afternoon, and still continue to keep with tradition.
Her house was,is, and will always be a place of warmth, a place of comfort and relaxation, a place to melt off the worries of the week, and more importantly step into a home that resides a woman that loves me unconditionally.

Herself and her house are the sources of inspiration to me and my organization.

With Nana’s House, I hope to take all these wonderful attributes I have been blessed with every Sunday, and give love and protection to the children of Nepal who don’t know where their next meal or place to lay their head is going to be.

Joshua Bingham
Director of Nana’s House

Application for 501-C3 Status

Today begins the process of registering Nana’s House as a 501-C3 organization. Not only will this give tax deductible donations to our supporters, but only give us access to much needed grants to fund our project of building a Children’s Home in the Kaski district of Pokhara,Nepal.
We hope to complete the process in 2-3 months, which will give us much needed time before our deadline of September to come up with the down payment for the land.
We continue to press on here and great things are happening!

Nana’s House Rummage Sale!

Thanks to everyone who came out to the rummage sale supporting Nana’s House. We had a blast doing it and were able to raise $808.40 towards our project of building a children’s home in Nepal. It was wonderful to have my mom and dad there supporting me along with the special woman behind the name, my Nana.
Thanks again everyone!

Rummage Sale


There are many great ways to support Nana’s House:

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Now through April 30th, all products sold through this link, 100% of the proceeds go to Nana’s House Non Profit!

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Or you can make a donation via our PayPal. Every bit helps in getting us closer to being able to complete our project of building a Children’s Home in Pokhara,Nepal



Nana’s House Introduction


My name is Joshua Bingham, a 23 year old resident of Washington State and graduate of Evergreen State College. Up until the age of 21, I was certain that I was destined to become an actor; it was all I had dreamed of since the age of 15. This feeling was heightened when I participated in a month long acting workshop in Italy where young directors and actors had the chance to, and legal ability to run through the streets of Florence shooting movies until the sun came up. I was certain this was to be my future. That sentiment all changed when I decided to volunteer in an orphanage for 5 months in Nepal. The $4,000 price tag, including airfare, was raised through doing odd jobs at $15/hour for local residents within my community. Bright eyed and bushy tailed, and about to embark on my first ever oversees volunteer experience, I was ready to change the world. Nepal needed help, and here Joshua Bingham was coming to the rescue.

You would never imagine volunteering that the party most affected and changed is you.

Joshua Bingham


My placement was at The Nestling Home located in Pokhara, an 8 hour bus ride north of Kathmandu, the home of 8 children + 1 house mother + her two children. The children and I’s ice breaking activities were to take walks around the area, traversing steep hills , exploring the forests, climbing trees, and making Macgyver-esque tools out of sticks and leaves found along the way. We would also spend the days working on homework, washing the never ending amount of dirty clothes, trips to the local supermarket for ice cream, or nights spent in candlelight due to the power being out, telling stories and singing traditional village songs. These were some of the best days of my life and wouldn’t trade them for anything.

As the children and I developed a stronger bond, I also began to learn about their painful past and the emotional, sometimes physical scars they carry from years earlier. Some were physical abused by a father who drank too much, abandoned in a hotel room till days later when they were found, forced to work in a restaurant at the age of 5, some dealing with the pain of the murder of their father by Maoist forces and mother unable to financially support them. I learned about their fears of some of them being from a lower caste and the social stigmas that come with that, the fear that they might not get good jobs or ever make it to where they want to be in life, simply because of the caste they were born into. The girls talked about arranged marriages and the fear that they might not be able to grow up and marry who they want, but instead be forced into marriage. They looked at the house mother as an example, who had been forced to marry at age 17, and by her own admission, forced to give birth to two children. Learning about all of their individual stories certainly made me appreciate the smiles and laughs they had for me, which masked a painful past.

A particular day I will not soon forget is the day we went for our weekly visit to Fewa Lake Park where the children would attempt to catch fish in the stream, or play on the swing set. Upon arriving, I saw the two boys I had seen last time we visited, and the time before that. Their skin blackened and charred from prolonged exposure to the deadly sun and heat, feet dirty and mangled from the lack of shoes, eyes yellowed and showing signs of Jaundice. With the help of my local Nepali friend, I was able to ask them why they were always there, and about their stories.

Brothers, and with parents who were both crippled from a massive motorcycle incident, they were both forced to survive on their own. One of the brothers unwrapped a piece of paper from his pocket, the piece of paper contained two pictures of an older man and woman, presumably their mother and father, a government seal, and some writing. They explained they were given this piece of paper to aid their begging efforts, that locals would be certain that they were truly in need and to give them that extra piece of bread or rice. They also called the Fewa Lake Park their home. That day, the boys received a new pair of shoes, a haircut, a meal and the name and number of someone who could help them. It was all I could give at the moment to the two boys.

I left Nepal promising myself I would be back with greater means to help children like the Few Lake Park boys.

Nana’s House was born from this promise I made, a nonprofit organization looking to help at-risk and underprivileged children in Nepal. Named after my grandmother, and the warmth, safety and immense amount of love I feel each and every time I visit her house, and continue to this day.

Where we are at now: We have found some potential land for the creation of a Children’s Home in the Bhalam area of Pokhara. We have partnered with a local organization called Hope Nepal which gives us the legal ability to carry out this project. We hope to buy this land, along with the creation of a guest house and Children’s House, with the guest house supporting the latter of the two.

We are very grateful for your support, and would like you to know that every dollar donated goes to this project. A simple “share”, “like” or comment certainly goes a long way in showing your support. We are always looking to network with people who have the same goals or aspirations similar to ours.

Nana’s House is my love letter to the country that has made me the better human being that I am today. I hope to one day return the favor to the country that has changed my life for the better.

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Joshua Bingham

Director of Nana’s House