New Updates+Sponsorships

2 Great Updates!

Today, 4 more children were successfully sponsored for this upcoming school year.
Along with getting all of the supplies needed for the year, their measurements were also taken for their school uniform which will be ready by next Wednesday.

Mandip and Rekha (brother and sister)



All children are from the Dalit caste, considered in Nepal to be the lowest caste and are unrightfully ostracized because of this.

So many thanks go to the donors who made this all possible!

Second Update!

Woke up this morning to find that the students and staff from The Harbor School were able to raise $750 from their fundraiser towards the Nana’s House earthquake relief efforts here in Nepal.
These funds will go towards our current project of supporting specific families affected with bags of rice,propane gas,stoves and other needed supplies.
Huge thanks to the students and staff from my middle school Alma Mater!

Relief Efforts Pt.2

Today was another successful supply run to the area of Gorkha. This time, it was a 5 hour hike up to the village Mather(the phonetic spelling), consisting of 150 people and 45 households from the Tamang and Gurung caste(both castes have their own separate mother tongue and facial characteristics). With the the help of 5 porters and 1 guide( Madhav Nirdosh) and myself, we were able to distribute over 300 pounds of supplies including rice,dahl,soap,rope,medicine and chapati flour.

Thank you again to everyone who made this possible

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Nana’s House Update!


Judy and I just got off an almost 2 hour Skype conversation where we went over our 501-C3 applications and crunched some numbers. We are very close to sending that out and after approval, will allow us to take tax deductible donations. We found out that in the 6 months we have been up and running, Nana’s House has raised over $6,500 in gross income. That’s over $1,000 a month in donations which is AMAZING!

I am also getting very excited as my 4th trip back to Nepal is quickly approaching. I will find myself back in Pokhara,Nepal on August 30th where I will meet with our partner organization,Hope Nepal and discuss our future endeavors of starting a Children’s Home and services for under privileged and at-risk children, I will research building costs, and meet with the board members of Hope Nepal and furthering that relationship. Last but not least, visiting the 8 wonderful children of the Nestling Home and dropping off several donations including vitamins and clothing.

We continue to push forward!

Joshua Bingham
Director of Nana’s House

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About Nana’s House And Our Goals

Wow, big thanks to our friend Julianna for creating these BEAUTIFUL note cards. She used pictures drawn by the children of the Nestling Home in Pokhara, Nepal. They also come with a blurb on the back about the child that drew the picture.

We will begin selling these soon and 100% of the proceeds will go to Nana’s House

Thanks again Julianna!

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Note Cards

Application for 501-C3 Status

Today begins the process of registering Nana’s House as a 501-C3 organization. Not only will this give tax deductible donations to our supporters, but only give us access to much needed grants to fund our project of building a Children’s Home in the Kaski district of Pokhara,Nepal.
We hope to complete the process in 2-3 months, which will give us much needed time before our deadline of September to come up with the down payment for the land.
We continue to press on here and great things are happening!

Nana’s House Rummage Sale!

Thanks to everyone who came out to the rummage sale supporting Nana’s House. We had a blast doing it and were able to raise $808.40 towards our project of building a children’s home in Nepal. It was wonderful to have my mom and dad there supporting me along with the special woman behind the name, my Nana.
Thanks again everyone!

Rummage Sale


There are many great ways to support Nana’s House:

Check out Ava Anderson beauty products: awesome organic, non-toxic, non-gmo home made skin care!
Now through April 30th, all products sold through this link, 100% of the proceeds go to Nana’s House Non Profit!

Ava Anderson


Or you can make a donation via our PayPal. Every bit helps in getting us closer to being able to complete our project of building a Children’s Home in Pokhara,Nepal



Final Day in Nepal! (For Now)

It is my final day here in Nepal, while Judy will stay for another 5 days and get to shore up and finish a couple of projects at the Nestling Home. It is has been an incredible month here and Judy and I have certainly learned a lot about what it will take to further our project of a Children’s Home in Pokhara. We have looked at over 10 plots of land, and have a good idea of what kind of prices we are looking at for the future.
We are very happy to announce that we have acquired an organization in Nepal called Hope Nepal which will give us our legal certificates/ a group of 12 local board members, and most importantly, the ability to carry out this project. In July it will be official as that is when the new fiscal year starts here. We continue to press on looking for viable land, and have several people involved with Hope Nepal actively looking for potential land for us.

I arrive back in Seattle April 12th, and hit the ground running with several fundraisers and promoting Nana’s House

Thank you everyone for your continued support!

Exciting things to come!

Joshua Bingham
Director of Nana’s House

Wonderful Days!

Judy and I have had several wonderful and fun filled days with the kids including going down to the lake, several hikes, and lots of ice cream consumption! We have also helped to clean up the orphanage including washing and painting the walls, doing copious amounts of laundry and cleaning the rooms.
Thanks in part to initial donations, we have used a little to buy plumbing supplies, cleaning supplies, personal items for the children, kitchen utensils and lots of much needed fruit and vitamins for the kids! In return, we have received many smiles and hugs….best reward ever.

Thanks to everyone following along, and many thanks to our donors to make all this possible.

IMG_5281 IMG_5320 IMG_5309 Nestling Home

Internet Issues!

So many amazing pictures and updates to share, too bad the internet has been horribly slow and cant share with all of you! What I can say is that we have looked at a couple of plots of land to begin building and have a few options to start our Children’s Home and partner with a local Nepali Organization.
On the plus side, many illegal orphanages are being discovered by the government that are pocketing the funds they receive but claiming they are going towards the children, on the negative side, there are many misplaced children due to the closing of these “orphanages”

Thats where we come in.


Updates to follow.
Much progress is being made.