Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from all of us at Nana’s House!

Our first year up and running as an organization was incredible. We started a website which averaged almost 500 visits a month, our Facebook page reached over 800 members, and our donations exceeded over $10,000 this year. None of this could be done without the incredible support for you. We were able to carry out some truly wonderful projects during our last two visits to Nepal including a dental camp for 70 children of a rural village on the outskirts of Pokhara, Nepal, a health camp for over 500 residents who otherwise wouldn’t have the means to be able to receive healthcare, where three physicians, a gynecologist, and a pediatrician were able to meet the many needs of the community. Lastly, and very dear to my heart, we were able to continue our support of the eight children of the Nestling Home with nutrition, healthcare,school supplies, and educational activities.

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I want to also thank my partners Judy Schumann and Marsaili Vanderhoeden for their various means of support and getting Nana’s House to where it is today. I hope to one day realize my dream of providing social services for unprivileged people of Nepal, a full time job.

So much to look forward to in 2105 including my fast approaching March trip where we will continue our work with Hope Nepal and various community benefiting projects.

Thank you again everyone!

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Nana’s House Update!


Judy and I just got off an almost 2 hour Skype conversation where we went over our 501-C3 applications and crunched some numbers. We are very close to sending that out and after approval, will allow us to take tax deductible donations. We found out that in the 6 months we have been up and running, Nana’s House has raised over $6,500 in gross income. That’s over $1,000 a month in donations which is AMAZING!

I am also getting very excited as my 4th trip back to Nepal is quickly approaching. I will find myself back in Pokhara,Nepal on August 30th where I will meet with our partner organization,Hope Nepal and discuss our future endeavors of starting a Children’s Home and services for under privileged and at-risk children, I will research building costs, and meet with the board members of Hope Nepal and furthering that relationship. Last but not least, visiting the 8 wonderful children of the Nestling Home and dropping off several donations including vitamins and clothing.

We continue to push forward!

Joshua Bingham
Director of Nana’s House

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Young Alumni Award

What a special night this was! I want to give a huge thank you to my middle school Alma mater, The Harbor School, for presenting me with The Young Alumni award and their very generous donation to Nana’s House. I am very lucky to have spent 3 special years here. Many of the paths I have chosen and goals for the future are founded on principles, lessons learned, and immense personal growth all acquired while attending this terrific school.

I am honored to receive this award and thank you again to The Harbor School for your donation.

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Wow, big thanks to our friend Julianna for creating these BEAUTIFUL note cards. She used pictures drawn by the children of the Nestling Home in Pokhara, Nepal. They also come with a blurb on the back about the child that drew the picture.

We will begin selling these soon and 100% of the proceeds will go to Nana’s House

Thanks again Julianna!

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Note Cards

Judy’s Fundraiser!

Would like to celebrate Judy Smith,one of our board members, and her fundraising efforts during the Syttende Mai parade in Stoughton,WI

Over the weekend,Judy was able to raise over $700 for Nana’s House which puts us at almost $5,000 raised! We are already 1/5 towards our goal to purchase the land in Bhalam,Pokhara!

Way to go Judy!

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My last day at The Nestling Home

A nice group photo of me and all the amazing, wonderful children I have been able to get to know over the last 2 years. They are all in a much better place than they were 2 years ago, whether its emotionally or health-wise. Our project has come to a close in supporting the Nestling Home but we are happy to know they are in good hands, and will be supported and looked after for years to come.

Nana’s House efforts now turn to helping the many children in Nepal who worry about where they will sleep that night or where their next meal is coming from. Our efforts now shift to looking for viable land, and resources so that we may build a Children’s Home to serve these children.


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Last day with the kids

Our First Fundraiser!

Would like to give a big thank you to Julie Shannon and her Bet Sefer students for putting on a bake sale fundraiser for Nana’s House. If you happen to live on Vashon,WA then here are the details!

BAKE SALE FUNDRAISER: Sunday, April 6th from 11-1 at Thriftway

Support children on Vashon AND children in Nepal!
The students of Bet Sefer Jewish School of the Vashon Island Havurah are hosting a bake sale to benefit Nana’s House, a new project of Vashon Islander Joshua Bingham that will create a warm and stable living situation for children in need in Nepal.

This Sunday, from 11 am to 1 pm, your generous donations will help Bet Sefer Students perform Tikkun Olam (repair of the world) as they embrace the need of children all over the world.

Thanks for stopping by and showing your support!

Update #3

Update #3

We continue to press on here in Pokhara,Nepal with our end goal of creating a Child Services Center here. We have met and talked with several local organizations here that might be able to be our co-partner(as legally required for foreign entities) but unfortunately the talks have broken down, some organizations not being structurally able to support us and some organizations being for-profit which conflicts with our values and what we are trying to do. As we expected, we have had to adapt our ideas and plans to fit the current laws and structure of a new culture. What we have done so far, makes me very excited for the future and the potential of Nana’s House. We visited the Children’s Home Judy and I were placed at our first time in Nepal, Pokhara Nestling Home, and found that there was a lot of work to be done and improvements made. Along with Judy Smith’s hard working mentality and “go getter” attitude we were able to clean and re-paint the house, exterminate hundreds of cockroaches(many living under the children’s beds, fix several improperly draining sinks, introduce and give a years supply of a Multi Vitamin, fix a broken bed so that two growing boys didn’t have to sleep in the same bed anymore, and with Judy’s sewing skills, the mending of SO MANY CLOTHES. Its apparent that our end goal seems very out of sight at the moment and we both feel back at square one with how our talks with organizations have gone, but on the other side we may have found a usefulness for the time being, Funding existing Children’s Home that are A.Legal B. Run by a respectable owner C.Have a “put the child first” mentality. We would be able to visit such homes, itemize the needs of the facility, needs of the children and through Nana’s House make those improvements instead of an outright donation which is the cause of many frustrations and headaches of many do-gooders attempting to help in Nepal (Read: funds/donations gone missing)
Just my food for thought as i begin the day here.
On another note, I will be back in Seattle on April 12th to continue to fund raise, and hope to find myself back in September to continue our project.

Updates #2

Really would like to speak on the updates regarding Nana’s House, but will not be able to for about more weeks when things are concluded. What I can say is that neither Judy Smith or I thought this was going to be easy especially with two totally different cultures at play here.
I can say that that no matter what happens regarding land acquisition/building permits and joining of organizations is that I wont stop until we have a viable, economically feasible, sustainable and most importantly safe place regarding our Children’s Home and services for them. Whether that comes together in months or years, I’m here.

Some things we have thought about:
Having a guest house for tourists(long term only, that have been properly screened) Which would also fulfill my Business Visa which would allow me to stay long term

Having a garden and a covered play area for the children is a MUST

We must legally partner with a local NGO

Making sure that an “orphanage” is the last possible option for the child is a MUST